Google has released Inbox – the successor to the mail service Gmail

A few hours ago, Google unveiled its new Inbox email service, which will replace the legendary Gmail. Inbox has received a new Material Design look and lots of cool features.

When creating a new service, Google took into account all the recent changes in the way people use their inbox. After all, for many, mail is not just a way to communicate with people, but a full-fledged organizer.

At the same time, the good old Gmail will not go anywhere, the team itself admits that they love the mail service very much and plans to support it in the future. But the team is confident that the majority of users will switch to Inbox, which will replace Gmail in the long term.

Screenshot of the “desktop” version of Inbox

Google has redesigned the way emails are presented. For example, the attached photos are displayed immediately in the inbox and you do not need to open the letter itself: to view the pictures. The same is with the marks on the map. Another cool feature is that if, for example, an airline sends you an email with information about your flight, Inbox will simply display a Google Now-style card.

The next opportunity is to work in mail as with a list of tasks. You can create tasks and reminders right in the Inbox, which will appear next to emails. And, of course, you can postpone the letters for reading “for later”! Yes, Google’s new mail service takes a lot from Mailbox, including some interface elements in mobile apps.

The Inbox application is already available in the App Store, but you need an invite to use it (yes, the story with Mailbox repeats itself here). To get it, write a letter from your Gmail-box to the name  [email protected] We have already sent a request for an invitation and as soon as we have the invite, we will definitely review it!

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