Google Calendar gets an excellent design and a personal assistant

Google today announced an updated Calendar for Android. Its interface has undergone a complete redesign, and it has become easier and more efficient to plan anything with it.

The first and most noticeable improvement to Calendar is its superior design. Like all recent Google products, the calendar has received a stylish and minimalistic Material Design. At the same time, the useful space, as well as the information content, has increased markedly. The application now has the Schedule View mode, which displays the maximum amount of relevant information from each event on one screen. These can be maps of directions or, for example, photographs.

Following Inbox and the updated Gmail, the calendar also got smarter and got a responsive event feed. This innovation significantly reduces the time you spend looking at your plans for the day and significantly improves convenience. For example, as soon as you receive an email confirming your future flight or hotel reservation, a new event is automatically created in Calendar on the appointed date, which will track any changes in the schedule.

Another innovation of the application is the appearance of the so-called assistant. At its core, this is contextual auto-completion, which, based on all the data, contacts, addresses and phone numbers entered earlier, can help you when creating new calendar events.

The update is already available to all Android 5.0 users, while owners of 4.1 gadgets will need to wait a few weeks.

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