Followed by Honor: Huawei could sell the P and Mate line of smartphones

The Chinese company Huawei is in talks to sell its premium smartphone brands P and Mate. Reuters writes about this with reference to its own sources.

Successful completion of this deal could mean Huawei’s complete refusal to release flagships. Sources clarify that the Chinese giant simply sees no other way to save the mobile unit. His sale of the company, which is not subject to US sanctions, will allow him to continue to compete with Samsung and Apple, albeit under a different leadership.

A consortium led by investment firms backed by the Shanghai government is mentioned as a potential buyer. Huawei itself does not confirm plans for the sale. Probably, the manufacturer has not yet made a final decision, as it hopes to continue the development of these lines without proprietary processors and Google services.

Previously, Huawei sold its entire Honor brand, which specializes in relatively affordable smartphones, accessories and laptops. In spring, the first flagship on Android with Google services may come out after the sanctions.

Update: Huawei has denied rumors about the sale of the P and Mate lines.

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