Funny smilies

Yawning smiley
Blows out the candles
Hollywood smile
Thumbs down
Thumbs up
Smiley by fan
Smiley with big eyes
Jump for joy
Jump for joy
Smiley girl waving
Smiley boy waving
Smiley rubs his chin
With hoop
Threatened smiley
Smiley shakes champagne
Play tennis
Smiley archery
Smiley on the plane
Smiley in the tin
Running smiley
Witch brews a potion
Playing with a yo-yo
Bouncing pirate
Smileys gamers
Swimming under water
Inflates bubbles
Smiley doing exercises
Smiley on the phone
Smiley girl on the phone
Thumb up
Thumb down
Smiley with a magnifier
Fanged smiley