Funny smilies

Smiley with a stick
Kiss with a plunger
Burning smiley
Smart smiley
Back flip
Smiley reading a book
Smiley waving cap
Smiley girl lipstick
Smiley juggler
Unlucky rider
Smiley cowboy
Smiley basketball
Said something is wrong
Smiley swimmer
Smiley brushing his teeth
Smiley girl with a hairdryer
Smiley with a coin
Smiley parodist
Ate hot peppers
Linux Amateur
Smiley drinking from a mug
Purification of thoughts
Smiley in a bottle
Clover for good luck
Rubik's Cube
Shoots a gun
Smiley drummer
Smiley circus
Smiley baby
Smiley with accordion
Laughing smiley
Sobbing smiley
Smiley looks silly