Funny smilies

Smiley with accordion
Dancing man
Dancing smiley
Funny smiley
Pointing to the left
Stoned smiley
On hook
Smiley woodcutter
Smiley cycling
Smiley train
Smiley hockey
Nailed to the wall
Smiley in hat claps
Smiley gamer
Smiley with microphone
White Flag of cowards
Sobbing smiley
Smiley pats himself
Sinister smiley
Pointing to the left
Smiley suicide
Frozen smiley
Smilies friends
Work smiley with striker
Drunk with balalaika
Hares are absent
Smiley angry
Smiley on horseback
Smiley boxer
Smiley farmer
Smiley pirate
Mustachioed Mexican