Funny smilies

Smiley step on a rake
Smiley at the computer
Smilies drunkards
Drunk smiley
2 cents
Smiley in the shower
Kiss smilies
Come here
Smilie with balalaika and vodka
Peeps smile
Zobbee smiley
Frightened smiley
Smiley pirate
Smiley with an umbrella
Smiley pioneer
Joyful smile
Smiley on bike
Smiley fan of Firefox
Fried smiley
Killed on the wall smiley
Superstitious smiley
Smiley in a minefield
Boxing smilies
Smiley Freddy Krueger
Smiley Emperor
Smiley in the desert
Do not roughhouse
King of smilies
Smiley in flowers
Smiley Fuck You
Smiley writer
Smiley warrior
Smiley knight