Elementary OS Luna: Linux Distribution That Works Like Mac OS

Each operating system has its own well-established legend and history. Windows is a workhorse that finds its way into almost any category of user – from the corporate sector to housewives. Linux is a complex and capricious system, accessible only to tough programmers and system administrators. Mac is more synonymous with design and art, providing a beautiful and comfortable work environment for creativity.

However, all these attitudes came to us from the past. Today it is rash and wrong to give such unequivocal assessments. For example, the hero of today’s review comes from the world of Linux, but behaves and looks like he is the bastard son of Apple.

Elementary OS Luna Is a new distribution based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Knowledgeable people will immediately understand that this means stability, almost one hundred percent error-free and long-term support. The main principles underlying the development are simplicity, design and the absence of the need for lengthy and complex setup.

The first thing that will meet you after installing the system is the user interface. The working environment Elementary OS is its own development and is called Pantheon… It looks just great and it is impossible not to notice its similarities with Mac OS. Here we see a similar application dock at the bottom, a functional bar at the top of the screen and the same attention to every element of the interface, as is typical for Apple.

The application launcher menu is called Slingshotand it’s accessible from the left side of the top bar. Slingshot can display installed apps in various categories and has a search bar. The top panel is called Wingpanel… It is made in a minimalist spirit, contains a clock in the middle and an indicator panel on the right side.

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Lower dock, codenamed Plank, works exactly the same as the corresponding element in OS X. It contains buttons for quick launch and displays which applications are currently running. In addition, Elementary OS Luna has the ability to display thumbnails of all windows when you move the mouse to the corner of the screen (similar to exppose) and several desktops, between which you can easily switch.

Of course, Elementary OS Luna, like other Linux distributions, contains a full package of pre-installed software. Only here preference is given to the lightest and simplest programs, the interface of which is also specially adapted for this system.

  • Midori – web browser;
  • Noise – music player;
  • Geary – mail client;
  • Shotwell – photo manager;
  • Totem – video player;
  • Empathy – communication on the network;
  • Scratch – text editor.

Elementary OS Luna really stands out somewhat among the numerous Linux distributions family. Beautiful design, convenient user environment, specially adapted applications for this system make it ideal for beginners or people who do not want to spend a lot of time setting up and refining the system. The principle of “set it up and start working right away” works great here. Add to that the stability and long-term support of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (until April 2017) and you find it really is a great choice for the job.

At the same time, experienced Linux users and those who like to dig deeper into the settings may feel a little uncomfortable here. Because they may not feel any need for their skills. Why fix something that already works?

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Elementary OS Luna

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