Earn extra income buying on eBay

Probably each of you has heard a simple phrase from someone who bought something on the eBay online auction: “But it’s cheaper there!” Indeed, the undeveloped economy and importers’ lack of understanding of the needs of ordinary people leads to the fact that many things can be bought only on eBay: rare music, electronic components, exclusive gadgets and much more. And all this is much cheaper than locally in Russia. But there is a service called ProfitBid that can help you save even more on your eBay purchases.

ProfitBid is a partner of the American auction. The conditions under which the company works with eBay allows its customers to return part of the profits of the seller who put the lot up for auction. Those. ProfitBid returns to its customers about 24,99% of the amount that the seller pays to eBay for listing and promoting the product sold. The savings on small purchases are purely symbolic, but if you get a taste of purchases at the auction, then the income will be very tangible.

Moreover, every new ProfitBid registrant receives a $ 15 bonus, which will undoubtedly come in handy at the American eBay auction.

To work with ProfitBid, you do not need to specify passwords for eBay, Paypal, etc. The service itself has a verified account in the PayPal payment system for over 3 years. In addition, Profitbid is a certified member of the WebMoney system.

Additional information about ProfitBid is available on the website.

Profitbid sponsored by FunPortal.ru. Do you want to become one? Write to [email protected]

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