DrinkMate turns a smartphone into a breathalyzer

Deprivation of rights for a long time and a large fine await an irresponsible driver. But does a person always knowingly break the law? There are violent nocturnal drunks that preclude the possibility of driving for a whole day. There is one glass of “Guinness” in the evening, which is not worth worrying about in the morning. And between these extremes there are millions of scenarios when it seems that not a lot has been drunk, but not so little either. Morning comes with doubts in my head. Has it weathered? How to check ppm?

Buy your own breathalyzer? The instruments used by the traffic police patrols are very expensive. It’s expensive to buy such a thing for personal use. We turned to the online store Medgadgets.ru, which helped us out more than once, and asked to suggest a device for measuring ppm, so that it would work cheaply.

This is DrinkMate. Why is it so small? Because the device is not autonomous, and most of the functions that provide the operation are taken over by the smartphone.

There is no battery, no screen, no printer in this tube for printing the results. Only a sensor and a small board.

Before connecting the breathalyzer to your mobile, you need to download and configure the DrinkMate app.

appbox fallback https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.edgetechlabs.drinkmate_play&hl=ru&gl=ru

Setting is reduced to creating your own profile, which indicates gender, weight, and unit of measurement.

The application pre-contains the permissible norms by country, which, of course, adds convenience.

It remains to connect the breathalyzer to the smartphone and conduct the first test. Click the Start button.

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The sensor preparation takes 10 seconds. During this time, you need to bring the breathalyzer to your lips at a distance of 2-3 centimeters, wait until Ready appears on the screen, then start blowing in the same way as when whistling.

The application will notify you about the end of the measurement with vibration and the inscription Calculating BAC and will show the result on the screen. Being sober is great, and the breathalyzer has unmistakably confirmed the absence of alcohol. It’s okay for now.

I didn’t want to get drunk, even for the sake of science, and therefore an experiment was carried out with a very small dose of alcohol and subsequent measurement after a short time. Thimble strong and waiting 30 minutes. The breathalyzer caught even a small amount of alcohol.

The manufacturer does not recommend taking measurements earlier than 15 minutes after use, because the result can be highly distorted, as a rule, with overestimation. In our case, this is what happened. The more ppm the breathalyzer recorded, the longer it takes for the device to clean the sensor.

If alcohol is detected, the application also displays the approximate time until full recovery, and also offers to share the result in social networks and take a selfie with the current ppm level. This is a pretty fun function with which you can create your own “face map” depending on the degree of intoxication. The set with DrinkMate comes with a keychain case for attaching to keys.

A practical experiment has confirmed the ability of DrinkMate to detect even a small alcohol content, which, in fact, is the defining criterion for a control breathalyzer used before a morning drive.

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FunPortal thanks the Medgadgets.ru online store for the device provided for testing.

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