Do-Ra: dosimeter for iPhone

Along with many natural disasters, an increased radiation background can now pose a serious danger. If you go for mushrooms in an unfamiliar forest, for fish to an unfamiliar body of water, or even just relax with tents, it is advisable to be sure that the water and food in this place will be truly environmentally friendly. You can determine the level of background radiation using a dosimeter, which is now very easy to buy.

Recently, another interesting solution has appeared for measuring the background radiation. Do-Ra system from Intersoft Eurasia, which connects to iPhone. The system consists of two parts: technical and software. The technical part is a device for measuring the background radiation, which is connected to the iPhone via a USB connector or via a headset connector.

The software part is a free Do-Ra application that processes and provides you with data in a convenient format. In the radiometer mode, the application continuously monitors the background radiation.

In dosimeter mode, you can view the forecast of the equivalent annual dose.

The level of safety is assessed on the basis of radiation safety standards NRB-99/2009 and sanitary standards SanPin

The application also contains an information block containing basic information about the effects of radiation on the human body. The map displays information on background radiation based on public data sources.

Using the Do-Ra system, you can check food for safety, assess the radiation safety of a reservoir, forest or field, which is especially important if you are going to pick mushrooms or fish or hunt game there.

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It is also a good idea to check the background radiation on the land plot on which you decide to build, for example, a house.

Thanks to its small size and convenient mounting methods, the device does not interfere with using iPhone as usual. In general, the system is quite useful, but the question still remains, can you trust the accuracy of the measurements? It seems that if funds are available, it is better to purchase a standard, time-tested dosimeter.

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