Apple Watch has a cardio rating

For Apple Watch, watchOS 7.2 has become available with the function of assessing the level of cardio endurance of users. This level is referred to as VO2 max and reflects the maximum oxygen consumption during physical activity.

The indicator is measured in ml per kg of body weight per minute. The higher the BMD, the more resilient your cardiovascular system, and hence the better the general condition of the body.

In the medical community, cardiovascular endurance is increasingly linked to overall health. Low rates can be considered a much more reliable indicator of possible future health problems than risk factors such as smoking, diabetes or high blood pressure.


The ability to measure cardio performance was introduced to the Apple Watch a few years ago, but previously it only worked to measure high levels during intense exercise. Now the watch has learned to measure a wider range of endurance during daily activities. You can find out your current indicators in the Health application: View → Breathing → VOXNUMX max. If they are below average, then the Apple Watch will alert the owner and motivate him to move more.

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