Apple Releases Guide to Moving from Android to iPhone

Apple will release iOS 8 today and the next generation iPhone this Friday. As the screen sizes of the new models have increased, Cupertinians assume that many will decide to move from Samsung, HTC and devices of other companies to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. In this regard, Apple has decided to release a guide that explains how users can transfer their photos, music, documents, and contacts from their old device to their new device.

For these purposes, owners of new iPhones can use iTunes and iCloud. The problem is that Apple did not have time to create special tools to help move from one operating system to another. Therefore, you can use third-party applications of dubious quality to transfer data, including AT&T Mobile Transfer, which is the best possible option. As for the various services, everything is simple here, just go to the application using your account.

Unfortunately, as always, one cannot do without cons. As for your favorite apps, the user will have to find them on their own, plunging into the depths of the App Store.

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