Apple patented iPhone cases with charging function for AirPods

These accessories allow you to leave your headphone case at home.

Apple has received a patent for a new kind of iPhone case that can power AirPods. The application describes three versions of the accessory.


The first model is a back cover for a smartphone, in the upper part of which there are holes for inserting headphones – one on the left and the other on the right. They can be powered by the battery built into the same case, which, in turn, can be charged together with the smartphone when connected to the power supply.

On the same case, magnets can be placed for more secure attachment, or even an external mini-screen for displaying notifications, time and charge of inserted headphones.


Another accessory option is a simpler overlay with AirPods mounting at the back. Such a case resembles existing solutions with built-in batteries, which extend the battery life of smartphones.


And the third solution for charging AirPods is a case-book, where the headphones themselves are attached to the cover that covers the device’s screen. Moreover, judging by the schematic images, the headphones will be able to charge only in the open position of the case, otherwise the cover itself must be very thick or have corresponding indentations in the shape of the headphones.

Obtaining patents for new accessories and technologies does not mean that soon they will be implemented by Apple. These decisions can forever remain only on paper. But it is worth noting that the very idea of ​​charging headphones in a smartphone case is not new – third-party manufacturers have already released something similar for the iPhone.

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