Apple Music can now be listened to on Android

After a not very successful debut on Google Play with the Move to iOS app, Apple decided to present its next development to Android users. Today, a new music player has appeared in the software catalog, which will make the Apple Music service available on Android devices.

Perhaps Android fans are not very familiar with Apple’s products, so we want to inform you that Apple Music is a music streaming service that provides access to millions of songs from the iTunes Store library. Within the framework of this service, the radio station Beats 1 also broadcasts, which, despite its young age (broadcasting began on June 30, 2015), has already acquired a cult status among music lovers.

The Apple Music app for Android lets you access over 30 million music tracks, listen to custom-crafted playlists based on your tastes, be the first to know about the biggest events in the entertainment industry and the latest albums from your favorite artists. In addition, genre radio stations, author radio programs and much more are available. And most importantly, Apple gives all new users of the service three months of free listening!

At the same time, do not forget that this is still a beta version, so there may be some malfunctions in the program. Let’s hope Apple fixes them quickly and the new music player gets its well-deserved praise in Google Play.

How do you feel about releasing Apple software on a competing platform? What other products from this company would you like to see on your Android gadgets?

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