Apple is preparing top ARM desktop processors

Recent rumors about the release of the most powerful Apple processors in 2021 were confirmed by Bloomberg. Engineers from Cupertino are already preparing several new chips at once, which should surpass Intel’s top solutions, sources say.

Apple’s preliminary roadmap indicates a clearer differentiation of new products. So, the upcoming MacBook Pro and iMac can get chips that include up to 16 computing cores and 4 energy efficient ones. Although it seems more likely for now, the release of versions with 8 or 12 high-performance cores seems to be, Bloomberg notes. Such new items should be presented already in 2021.

For higher-end desktops slated for late 2021 and the new Mac Pro slated for 2022, Apple is testing chips with 32 high-performance cores.

Plus, Apple engineers are already developing more ambitious GPUs. If the current M1 is offered with 7 or 8 GPU cores. Apple is preparing 16- and 32-core graphics modules for future high-performance laptops and mid-range desktops. Later in 2021 or already 2022, solutions with 64 and 128 cores, designed for branded computers of the top price segment, will appear. Such chips will be several times faster than current graphics modules from Nvidia and AMD.

According to sources, Apple’s plans are as ambitious as possible. By 2022, the company may completely abandon Intel solutions.

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