Apple is preparing for the announcement of its first car

A sudden rumor that the car will be presented two years earlier than planned.

A major Taiwanese publication The Economic Daily writes that Apple has begun to actively work with suppliers of auto parts. And according to data from the supply chain, the company may show its first own car (Apple Car?) As early as September 2021.

According to sources, Apple, along with Amazon, began purchasing parts from Heda, BizLink, Heqin and Tomita. The first Apple Car prototypes are already being secretly assembled in the US and being tested on California roads.

Apple Insider believes that this is all highly questionable stuffing. Representatives of the publication are confident that even with the active development of its own car, Apple, even theoretically, would not be able to show something in the conditional 10 months. The production of a car requires a huge number of dimensional parts and large production facilities for assembly. The launch of such a process with the involvement of all the necessary partners simply could not be hidden from the press.

The information that appears on the Web now can only indicate that work is underway, and Apple has definitely not curtailed the project. But we cannot talk about any major announcements in 2021 yet, experts are sure.

December 22nd update: Reuters already citing its sources reports that Apple will present its first electric car in 2024 or even in 2025. Central to the company’s strategy is a new battery design that can “radically” reduce battery costs and increase the vehicle’s range.

It also notes that the iPhone maker will rely on another company that has long been in the electric vehicle market. In other words, the first car could be a purely partner product, where Apple will only be responsible for smart hardware, sensors and batteries, for example.

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