Apple has released a tool to test the Activation Lock on iPhone / iPad

Apple has launched a web tool that makes it easy to check the status of Activation Lock on any iOS device.

Activation Lock, introduced in iOS 7 as part of Find My iPhone, is designed to make iPhone, iPad or iPod touch unattractive to kidnappers. If a device with a lock enabled falls into the wrong hands, attackers will not be able to use it without knowing the owner’s Apple ID and password.

With the new web-based tool, you can easily check whether Activation Lock is on or off on a device, just enter its IMEI or serial number.

The new service will come in handy for those who buy an iOS gadget “hand-held” (so as not to get into such stories, for example), and for those who sell their device, it will also be useful – often the owner simply does not remember, is included on it iPhone / iPad activation lock.

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