Android is alive only thanks to iOS

It is known that after the release of the iPhone in 2007, other companies flinched at the realization of how much Apple’s smartphone is ahead of their own products. According to new Google documents, which opened in a new court between tech giants, Android devices were originally created as very simple and had to work in Java.

Initially, Google was going to release a very simple smartphone with a relatively large screen at that time and a full-fledged qwerty keyboard. For these purposes, the company acquired the Danger and Android companies, created by former Apple employee Andrew Rubin in 2005.

Despite its mediocrity, the product was developed under the strictest secrecy. At that time, smartphones based on Windows Mobile were very popular and Google began to create an operating system for their devices. According to the docs, there was no hint of a touchscreen. Physical keyboard only. Motorola and Samsung insisted on this.

Google planned to make Android something like Linux in the mobile phone world. The system itself had to be Java compatible. By the way, it was then that the foundations of the famous widgets were laid. They had to display the current weather, quotes of currencies, stocks or other information of interest to users on the screen.

In 2007, Steve Jobs called WAP the Internet “childish,” but before the iPhone, Android only supported it.

By the way, in an interview, Steve said that they have been working on the iPhone for 2,5 years. The creation of the revolutionary smartphone began six months before Google bought Android, although they already had some of their own developments.

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Then the employees of the search giant recognized the superiority of the smartphone from Apple. It excelled their designs in everything from appearance to intuitive interface. After that, the decision was made to remake Android practically from scratch.

“We decided to make the smartphone as easy to use as the Mac was 20 years ago.”

Steve Jobs at iPhone presentations

At the same time, one of the Android developers Chris De Salvo said “as a consumer I immediately wanted this smartphone, but as an engineer I saw what we should strive for.” Roughly the same thoughts went to the rest of the team, including Android creator Andrew Rubin.

Following this move from Apple, Google threw all its energies into changing the operating system, similar to the iPhone OS, rather than a copy of the BlackBerry. It turns out that only in 2007, Android began to be developed for a touch screen.

Introduced in October 2008, the HTC Dream / G1 was already running on Android, but the system was not ready so much that it didn’t even have support for multitouch gestures. They appeared only a year later in the 2.0 update.

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