Aloha Browser for iOS – a new secure browser with unlimited VPN

Increased security measures and the use of VPNs are now a necessity, not a whim. If you prefer separate tools to ensure privacy over VPN + regular browser, then you should pay attention to Aloha Browser.

The new iPhone application will allow you to explore the Internet, accessing resources inaccessible in your region and staying completely safe. Aloha is a multifunctional browser with tab support, download manager and built-in VPN.

The main advantage of the browser is, of course, a free VPN without any restrictions, which works not only in Aloha, but also in any other installed applications. The page opening speed is decent, everything works without delays. At the same time, you can not be afraid to use public networks and open any resources, including those that are blocked in your region. For maximum protection, a private mode is provided in which no data is saved, and the tracking of statistics on abusive sites is blocked.

Another browser trump card that will be important for many is the download manager, which allows you to download and view documents, music, videos and other files. There is also the possibility of opening in third-party applications through the standard “Share” extension.

Similar to Safari, Aloha browser hides the toolbar when scrolling down the page and shrinks the address bar to a thin strip, saving screen space. Tabs are displayed as a preview separately for normal and private modes. They can be moved from one mode to another using the swipe down gesture.

If necessary, you can easily protect your data with a password and Touch ID. The lock is set for the application as a whole, separately for private tabs or downloads, and also for everything together. The advanced menu button hides downloads, history, bookmarks and settings behind it. There are not so many of the latter, but the most necessary options like the start page, font size, default search engine are present here.

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Overall, Aloha Browser leaves a pretty good experience, especially considering that it’s completely free. The only drawbacks are the lack of an iPad version and the inability to choose another VPN server besides the Netherlands.

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