AliExpress finds: wireless charging station, Xiaomi projector and metal posters

LED festoon

You can decorate a window or wall with a garland to create a cozy, festive atmosphere in your home. The seller’s assortment includes models of 2 × 2, 3 × 1, 3 × 3 and 6 × 3 meters. You can choose from a warm or cold glow, as well as bright yellow or pink LEDs.

Price: from 726 rubles.


Keyboard and Mouse

Full size wireless keyboard and mouse set. The gadgets are connected via a miniature USB receiver and run on standard AA batteries (not included). The keyboard has a Cyrillic layout and soft, but clear key travel. The mouse has an ergonomic shape and an adjustable sensitivity of the optical sensor – from 800 to 2 dpi.

Price: 2 081 rubles.


Wireless charging station

The device is suitable for iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods and other Qi-enabled gadgets. It can be connected to three devices simultaneously, each with up to 7,5 W available, and the total power is 15 W.

The charging dock is compatible with iPhone 8 and newer Apple smartphones and AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro. In addition, the charging will work with flagships from Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei. The device is protected from overheating, short circuit and interaction with foreign metal objects.

Price: from 1 096 rubles.


Metal plaques

Movie fans will appreciate the signs with posters of popular films. Fans of Tarantino’s work, fans of the amazing Keanu Reeves, and lovers of romantic musicals will be able to choose an option to their taste. The size of the plates is 20 × 30 cm, they already have holes for fastening to the wall.

Price: from 302 rubles.

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Xiaomi Wanbo T2 Free Projector

The compact projector is capable of outputting Full HD images with 150 ANSI lumens brightness. The projection diagonal can be varied from 40 to 120 inches at a distance of 1,5–3 meters from a wall or screen.

The device supports ± 40 ° vertical keystone correction. On the sides, there are speakers for 3 W each. To connect other gadgets there is HDMI, AV-connector and USB port. According to the manufacturer, the projector should last about 20 hours.

Price: 7 151 rubles.


Heated jacket

The jacket is made of water-repellent material, protected from water according to the IPX4 standard. The filler is natural duck down. The lining consists of a heat-reflecting film with silver ions. There are also tightening elastic bands inside.

A heating carbon film is placed in the shoulder and back areas. The heating starts to work 3 seconds after pressing the power button, there is a possibility to adjust the temperature. A 10 mAh powerbank (purchased separately) will be able to provide up to 000 hours of operation for such a “battery”.

Also included are quality YKK double zippers, foldable fabric braided power cable and eight pockets. The jacket can be washed in a typewriter (withstands up to 40 washes).

Price: 9 rubles.


Kitchen napkins

Soft microfiber cloths absorb water well. They are suitable for cleaning kitchen surfaces and dishwashing. Size – 24 × 24 cm. The seller has seven color options.

Price: from 49 rubles.



A video recorder with a wide-angle lens 140 ° (f / 1.8) and a Sony IMX307 CMOS sensor captures video in loop mode with a resolution of 1p and a frequency of 080 frames per second. The device copes reasonably well in low light conditions using NightVIS technology. Automatically saves a record in case of hard braking or collision.

A HiSilicon Hi3516E processor with support for the H.265 codec is installed inside the DVR. Also, the device is equipped with built-in fast memory eMMC 5.1 with a volume of 32 GB for storing files. You can configure and view captured videos using a mobile app over Wi-Fi. To activate round-the-clock monitoring in parking mode, you will have to separately purchase a cable for direct connection to the on-board network.

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Price: 3 rubles.



The organizer for cotton swabs or toothpicks is available in several colors, removable petals allow you to adjust the size of the hole. There are lotuses with and without a transparent cap to choose from.

Price: from 186 rubles.


Baseus cable

The rugged Baseus cable with Lightning to USB-C connectors differs from the standard Apple cable in nylon braid and aluminum elements. The accessory supports fast PD charging at up to 20W, as well as data synchronization at up to 480 Mbps. Models with lengths from 50 cm to 2 m are available to order.

Price: from 280 rubles.


Portable humidifier

The mechanism of operation of a portable facial humidifier is quite simple: fill the reservoir with water or toner, press a button – a gentle cloud of tiny particles of liquid will envelop your skin. The humidifier has a compact size, which makes it easy to take on trips, and the battery operation allows you to use the device even on the road.

Price: 307 rubles.


Magnetic stop

The stainless steel magnetic stopper can be glued to double-sided tape or mounted on the floor using a screw fixing. The stopper will help protect the wall covering and door leaf from damage. The seller has seven color options to choose from.

Price: 252 rubles.



The original Venom-shaped clip is perfect for organizing and neatly storing wired headphones, charging cables and other items that are often confused.

Price: 520 rubles.


Tool kit

The Workpro toolbox consists of 14, 24, 101, 108, 123, 145 or 164 items depending on the model chosen. Some kits are free shipping from Russia.

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Price: from 1 002 rubles.


Plush shark

The legendary shark will adorn any photo and will cheer you up every day with just one look. It is sold in two sizes: 80 and 100 cm in length.

Price: from 1 815 rubles.



The LED lamp is mounted on any flat surface and shines with cold or warm light, depending on the model chosen. The device is equipped with a motion sensor: it turns on automatically when activity is detected and turns off automatically after 20 seconds.

The model is completely wireless: power is supplied either from the little finger batteries or from the built-in rechargeable battery. The luminaire is suitable for installation in wardrobes, on stairs, near the bed. Delivery from Russia is available for some modifications.

Price: from 367 rubles.


Night light

A night light with a magnetic mount, a motion sensor and a clock will come in handy in many cases, but especially during night trips to the toilet. It will turn on automatically, highlight the road so you don’t hurt yourself, and show you what time it is. Models are available for order, running on accumulator or batteries.

Price: from 598 rubles.



A capacious bag measuring 34 × 38 cm is made of dense material and decorated with images of Marilyn Manson and the logos of some of the musician’s albums. It is a pleasure to go shopping with such an accessory.

Price: 361 rubles.


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