9 Ways to Use Office Clips

The office paper clip is truly an ingenious invention that can be used for just about anything.

We present you with a selection of 9 practical options for using this simple and useful tool in everyday life.

1. Smartphone stand

It is enough to take 2 clips, attach them to a sheet of thick paper folded in several layers and get a convenient stand for a smartphone at the exit. This option is convenient for watching videos and static shooting.

2. Photography stand

A couple of small clips can be used as a simple stand-up photo frame replacement. Instead of a photo, you can also place an important note / reminder.

3. Sponge dryer

Often, after washing the dishes, the sponge will remain on the edge of the sink, and the surface of the sink is likely to be as wet as the sponge itself. With such a clamp-stand, the sponge will dry much faster, without giving mold, mildew and other unpleasant things a single chance.

4. Hipster PDA

If you are not in the subject, then we advise you to read about what a Hipster PDA is. A simple office clip is an integral part of it.

5. Keyboard stand

Most keyboards have these by default, however they break easily with some exposure. The clamps can perfectly replace them.

6. Organizer and wire holder

Let’s say you folded the cable neatly. How to fix it? The clamp will fit perfectly. And if you attach several clips to the edge of the table and run frequently used cables through them, then you can forget about the wires that always slip and lie under the table.

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7. Optimizing the space inside the refrigerator

Let’s say you bought 6 bottles of beer, and you don’t want to allocate a whole refrigerator shelf for them, but it is not always possible to simply fold them in a pyramid (vertical arrangement of bottles is not always possible due to the space between the shelves). The clamp in this case can be an excellent limiter.

8. Fastening a smartphone or navigator to the car dashboard

This method requires some refinement of the shape of the clamps to be able to fix the device on the panel (as you can see in the photo, the clamps are attached to the ventilation nozzles, or rather, to their plugs), and as a bonus, we also get cooling for it.

9. Clamp anything at all

Pretty obvious option. Everything here is limited only by your imagination: a carton of milk, a tube of toothpaste, a bag of chips, and so on.

Any more ideas? We are waiting for you in the comments.

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