9 mouth-watering culinary YouTube channels: Russian version

After I came across a selection of American culinary channels, I thought that we also know how to cook deliciously and serve beautifully. After entering the query “recipes” in the YouTube search bar, a huge number of links fell on me, so it was quite difficult to select the really worthy ones. But I tried. I hope that among all these videos you will find something delicious for yourself and your friends.

To be honest, I am not subscribed to any Russian-language culinary resource, so it was rather difficult to find and select something worthwhile.

Eating at home

And, of course, the very first cooking show I remembered was Eat at Home. For those who are annoyed by Yulia Vysotskaya, I recommend not to watch. But she really has a lot of delicious and simple recipes – I checked.

I made this strudel – very tasty!

Living deliciously with Jamie Oliver

And, of course, I could not pass by my favorite cook! Videos with Jamie translated into Russian.

Live Delicious with Jamie Oliver – Vegetarian Dinner

“Tasty” with Boris Burda

Since I already decided to go through all the culinary TV shows that I watched a long time ago, Boris Burda also did not stand aside ?

Videos from the programs with Boris are posted on the culinary channel Gastronoma.net. Here and Boris Budra, and Jamie Oliver, and a huge amount of advice, ranging from choosing food in the store and ending with growing tomatoes in the garden.

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Sushi rolls

For those looking to learn the basic skills needed to make sushi, rolls, and miso soups, Japon Hata’s XNUMX-video channel is perfect.

Philadelphia Roll / Philadelphia Roll HD

A plate

Beautiful short videos that are a demonstration of recipes from the site. No unnecessary words, just the order of preparation.

Philadelphia Roll / Philadelphia Roll HD

However, the descriptions of the cooking process on the site itself are as short and concise as the video.

Men’s Food

Recipes from another TV show with Andrey Bugaysky. I’ve never seen this show, but the recipes are simple and really masculine.

Men’s Food – 143 – Vinaigrette and Herring


A culinary channel that has collected a huge number of recipes, from pancakes to omelet with ham and pineapple. “Video recipes from chefs around the world” – and they promise a new recipe every day ?

Chicken wings in sauce on the site e-da.tv


Simple and complex recipes for real men – Sichuan fish, dumplings, pasties. There are still few recipes, but I hope that the collection will soon be replenished.

Fish in Szechuan Hot Sauce

Uncle Yasha

The video on how to quickly peel a herring got quite a lot of likes. Uncle Yasha knows how to do not only this – he also cooks deliciously ?

Solyanka fish from Uncle Yasha

Do you have your favorite food channels on the web? If you have interesting links – share! I will be very grateful.

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