8 worst things you can do on New Year’s Eve

1. Run shopping at the last moment

It so happens that a lot of work and other things have piled up, and the purchase of gifts for loved ones or products for the New Year’s table has been postponed and postponed. Or maybe a friend or relative, who had previously planned to celebrate the New Year in another place, unexpectedly decided to join you, but you, of course, did not prepare a present for him.

And on the evening of December 31, you run to the nearest store, which is about to close, push between the shelves along with the same latecomers, try to get advice from lashed out sellers, choose a dozen normal tangerines from rumpled tangerines and find at least some gifts. At the same time, every five minutes you glance at your watch and worry that you will not have time to finish all the preparations for the holiday.

This is especially true if there are not large chain stores next to the house, but small specialized ones, for example, farm ones. They run out of goods quite quickly, and under the onslaught of festive buyers, the shelves may be empty in the afternoon of December 31.

There is little pleasant in this. In addition, in such conditions, it is almost impossible to make good thoughtful purchases: there is a risk of upset yourself, upset loved ones and spoil the holiday. Therefore, it is better to buy everything you need in advance.

But if you still had to arrange a shopping run at the last moment, and you didn’t manage to buy what you planned, try to treat it with humor, not blame yourself and learn a lesson from the situation for the future.

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2. Try new beauty treatments

For example, buy a new face mask, take the risk of dyeing your hair a new color, do a home peeling according to a recipe from the Internet. Most likely, everything will go well, but do not forget that the skin may react to an unfamiliar remedy or procedure in the most unexpected way: allergies, redness, rashes. Or the dye will not fall on the hair as you expected – and the result will upset you.

If you are not ready for such an outcome, use only proven care products. Or test a new product a couple of days before the holiday: apply a small amount to the crook of the elbow, paint a thin, invisible “test” strand.

3. Talk about politics at the New Year’s table

Well, or touch on any other topics that are considered acute and generating conflicts in your environment: religion, gas prices, parenting, personal problems. If one of those present turns out to be too categorical or too drunk, everything can end in a major quarrel, resentment and irrevocably ruined holiday.

Better to choose neutral and positive topics: plans for the holidays and the new year in general, work, gifts, weather, good news, funny stories from life. If the conversation still turns in the wrong direction and you feel that a conflict is brewing, try to gently change the subject: remember an interesting and funny incident, start discussing what is currently being shown on TV, ask one of the parties to the dispute to help you in the kitchen, propose a toast.

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4. Launch questionable pyrotechnics

Every year, violation of the rule for launching fireworks and low-quality pyrotechnics cause dozens of fires. and injuries… So buy fireworks from major stores, not hand-held or in tents, and follow the directions on the packaging exactly.

5. Celebrate for show

A carefully chosen outfit, and maybe even pair suits or a family look, when all family members are dressed in the same style. An impeccable holiday table, as in stylish photos from the Internet. Expensive and elegant decor. Endless photos, broadcasts on social networks, attempts to build the perfect frame and choose the most complimentary angle.

The desire to organize the ideal and most aesthetic celebration – and not for yourself, but for the audience – can deprive you, in fact, of the holiday. Instead of settling in and enjoying the time spent with your loved ones, you will apply filters, respond to comments, worry that the photo does not turn out well enough, and the candlesticks are not very harmoniously combined with the glasses.

Celebrate in a way that pleases you and your loved ones first, and don’t try to impress the audience.

6. Overeat heavily

On New Year’s holidays, people are much more likely to go to doctors with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Heavy, fatty and sweet foods in combination with alcohol lead to exacerbation of gastritis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis. And the use of stale products can result in poisoning.

Do not sit down at the New Year’s table hungry, take food breaks, alternate main dishes with light salads and snacks. Do not eat seasoned with mayonnaise dishes, desserts with cream and whipped cream, if more than 20 hours have passed since their preparation.

In addition, if the table is literally bursting with food, then it is quite possible that you spent a hell of a lot of time at the stove, terribly tired – and the holiday is no longer a joy to you. And in this case, there is a big risk that half of the food will simply not be able to be eaten and, as a result, they will have to be thrown away.

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7. Get drunk to unconsciousness

Unfortunately, the holidays for many are an excuse to “break away” and forget about the sense of proportion, including in the use of alcohol. Abundant libations can result in poisoning, injuries, frostbite and even crimes.

If you have a problem with alcohol and can’t always stop on time, work out some rules for yourself. For example, drink no more than one serving of spirits per hour. Or try to use only one type of alcohol, avoid cocktails – this will make it easier for you to estimate the amount of alcohol consumed. Refrain from drunk walks: at home there is less chance of injury or freezing.

8. Give inappropriate gifts

For example, buying something too expensive for a person with whom you agreed to exchange budget gifts: the gifted person may feel uncomfortable. Or give a present hinting at some “problems” and “shortcomings” of a person: a subscription to a fitness center for a complete friend, a cookbook for someone who does not know how to cook – unless, of course, he himself asked for it. Well, maybe, give something that a person does not need at all and will add problems to him, for example, a pet.

If you don’t know the person well enough or are not sure about the choice, give something neutral: a certificate to the store, delicious baskets and bouquets, a subscription to streaming services.

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