6 Great Metro Apps You Need To See

In a previous article on Windows 8, we concluded that the main benefit of the revolutionary new Metro interface is that you don’t have to use it. ? The applications available in the Windows Store are not quite intended for everyday work and are much inferior to their desktop counterparts in functionality and convenience. But among the entertainment applications, there are several very interesting specimens with which we want to introduce you.

The main advantage of Metro style apps is their branded design, full screen mode, high speed and low system requirements. Switching between regular and metro applications is usually almost instantaneous, in one click. The presented tools are great for creating various information, entertainment and gaming applications. Thus, when working in Windows 8, it is quite logical to use a regular desktop for work, and the Metro interface for relaxing, playing games, reading. Let’s take a look at the best Metro shell software available today.


This native Windows 8 weather app displays detailed weather information for your location, accompanied by beautiful photographs and charts. In addition to the current state of the weather, you will find out the forecast for 15 days, you can see satellite images of cloudiness, weather statistics for past years, and much more.

SketchBook Express

This great application from Autodesk will interest all users who love and know how to draw. It can be used to create both simple sketches and complex finished artwork. To do this, we are provided with all the necessary set of tools, including various brushes, pencils, erasers, fills and much more.

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Air Socer

This is a simple but incredibly addicting game that is a kind of air field soccer. Both individual and joint play is possible.

The Big Picture

Big Picture is one of the most reputable publications, regularly striking the whole world with spectacular photo reports on a variety of topics. A special metro-application allows you not only to view a series of photos, but also to read captions to them and even save them to your hard drive.

News Republic

A special app from a well-known news outlet. The tiled layout is ideal for showcasing newspapers, magazines and other news sources at their best. Perhaps this is what the newspapers of the future will look like.


Grantophone is a very simple yet powerful musical instrument. It allows you to synthesize the most bizarre sounds with mouse movements and can entertain aspiring musicians of all ages.

There are not many applications in the Windows Store yet, but the number is added daily. However, according to the existing programs, we can assume that Metro will still present us with many surprises. Do you think this platform has a future?

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