50 Easiest and Best Tips for a Beginner Photographer

On FunPortal, we have already published several articles on the art of photography. Here are the most interesting ones:

But these articles are more likely to be useful to those photographers who have been mastering this skill for a long time. And today’s post is dedicated to tips for those who just want to start photographing.

1. Installing UV filters on your lens is a waste of time.

2. Lens hood is optional.

3. If you are not using a lens hood, take it off.

4. You don’t have to worry about your DSLR like a small child.

5. You don’t have to hate other photographers.

6. Use cheap lens caps.

7. When going to shoot, take less things, you must be mobile and compact.

8. Use the zoom for convenience.

9. A fixed lens will make you think hard.

10. The 35mm lens is the most practical.

11. But 50mm looks cooler.

12. The best cameras don’t always take the best photos.

13. Learn how your camera works before you go out on set.

14. Always be ready to take a picture.

15. P-mode isn’t just for newbies.

16. If necessary, increase the ISO a lot.

17. Auto ISO is your best assistant.

18. Remember the Rule of Thirds.

19. Take more pictures.

20. No need to photograph any filth.

21. “If the picture is not good enough, then you are not close enough.” – Robert Capa.

22. Look at the picture.

23. Even the best equipment will not help you if you choose the wrong point to shoot.

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24. Sharpness value is overrated.

25. The main thing is the concept.

26. You do not need to be intrusive, pester people too much, watch them and sneak.

27. No need to drink alcohol and take pictures at the same time.

28. Go shooting when you are full of energy.

29. Sometimes it’s great to get up very early and shoot.

30. Think about what kind of light you want.

31. When you start photographing, imitate the style of the great masters.

32. … but don’t keep doing it.

33. Photography is a reflection of the photographer.

34. When photographing, think about pleasing yourself and no one else.

35. Taking pictures with direction or tact is not the most important thing.

36. By asking the subject of the photo shoot, you stay focused.

37. Change the position and appearance of things more often, this will keep them fresh.

38. Every person has a creative streak.

39. Be critical of yourself.

40. “Seeing a photograph is not enough, you need to feel it” – André Kertes.

41. You should be there with your camera.

42. The relationship should be between you and the subject of the photograph, not between you and the camera.

43. You don’t have to look at every photo you take on your camera.

44. Be adamant about removing ugly photos.

45. Show only the best works.

46. An uninteresting photograph does not become more interesting if you make it black and white.

47. Look at other people’s work.

48. Post pictures on the Internet, listen to criticism and advice from others.

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49. Yes, it’s not easy to get a good shot.

50. _________

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