5 principles of iron discipline from Robocop

1. Internal directives

Internal directives are your life compass. Your rules of conduct that you will follow no matter what.

Without them, you are not a whole person; you are easily pushed around and manipulated. You will become strong and disciplined only if you follow the inner rules unswervingly. Everything will be okay for you.

Yes, you can suffer because of your adherence to principles. But who said it would be easy?

Other people or the social system itself will try to impose false rules of the game on you, but you must not betray yourself and your ideals.

If you still do not have your own internal rules of behavior and you, like a leaf of a tree, spin from side to side, it’s time to fix it. Write them down on paper right now and follow them at all times, even when they try to offer you favorable terms so that you back down. It should be both the internal rules of behavior, which you cannot violate because of responsibility to yourself, and external social rules of interaction with others.

2. Balanced diet

Our body is a biomachine that requires energy. But do not overdo it with fuel or, conversely, create a shortage of it. And even more so, you cannot expose it to the risk of breakdown due to low-quality products and fast food. You need to eat so that the biomachine will serve you for a long time, and undergo only preventive maintenance in medical institutions.

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Eat only the most necessary and beneficial for the body, develop your own diet and follow it. Give up fast food, sweet, excessive drinking. More fruits, vegetables, nuts and, of course, as much applesauce as possible.

3. Hone your skills

If you are engaged in some interesting business, hone your skills in it a little, but every day, every week, every month – and so on until the end of your life.

Do not give up what you started and you will be surprised at what results you will achieve.

Don’t be discouraged if something doesn’t work out right away. They don’t become masters of their craft in a day, two, or even a month. It’s a long journey and you must walk it. Then you will have no equal in your business.

The skill you practice can be anything: writing, swimming, negotiating, speaking, driving a car, shooting an automatic pistol. As a robot, every day approach the lesson responsibly and train your skill. This is disciplined, as you will understand that achieving goals is a long-term endeavor, not an overnight endeavor.

After a long time, you will enjoy your achievements, but not as something extraordinary, but as an ordinary skill that you have brought to automatism. And friends and acquaintances will be surprised how you came to this and where you only found time.

4. Elimination of negative people from their environment

This phrase has set the teeth on edge, but remains very vital. Robocop knows a lot about this. Negative people hinder your development, interfere with your tasks, and often drain your emotional energy.

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Surround yourself with positive people who are responsible for life and others. Who will definitely come to the rescue, help in difficult situations, will not grumble and ask awkward questions about your past and present.

You will immediately notice how your reality will change with new people who exude confidence and positive life. You can achieve more with the right environment. And everything that pulls you back must be excluded from your life forever.

5. Pursuing your mission

Understand your values, write down your goals and finally define the mission of your whole life. Follow it no matter what, when you feel bad, lonely, when you are broken, burned out. Robocop by his actions fully confirms this idea.

Even when everything around will collapse and they will repeat to you: “You are doing nonsense”, “Be like everyone else”, “Observe the established rules”, “Only madmen do this,” “You are an idealist,” – you still need to move forward. Who, if not you, will finish what you started?

You can no longer stop, your mission is even stronger than yourself. It leads you where you were afraid to go. She will help you go through all the circles of hell, which will create life circumstances or yourself.

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