4 habits of punctual people

1. They are realistic about their prep time.

Punctual people know how long it will take to do something. But those who are late, on the contrary, assess everything too optimistically. Once they got to work in 20 minutes, they think it will always be that way. At the same time, they forget about 99% of cases when the road took half an hour.

To develop a more realistic time attitude, write down how much you think it takes to get to work in the morning and get to work. Then track how long it really takes over the course of the week.

2. They plan ahead with time.

Punctual people tend to arrive earlier, being in a hurry and being late is stressful. Latecomers also experience stress, the only difference is that they do not strive to arrive early – they try to arrive minute by minute.

When planning their way, punctual people take into account contingencies and traffic jams. Some even go to find out the way the day before the event, if they have not been to this place before. So if you want to be on time, plan to be early.

3. They have everything in order

45% of our daily activities are done automatically. Our life consists of habits, and they are necessary, otherwise it would take us a lot of time to decide how to brush our teeth or which way to go to work.

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Punctual people’s habits are clearly structured. Such people have analyzed their daily activities, have developed a convenient routine and adhere to it. Those who are constantly late, on the contrary, do not structure their lives. Instead of thinking what is wrong with their routine and changing something about it, they just hope that tomorrow they will do better.

4. They are comfortable with unoccupied time.

Since punctual people arrive early, they have 5-10 minutes to spare. During this time, they check their mail, read, or simply enjoy being alone.

Those who are constantly late hate such delays. To feel more comfortable with them, bring something with you to help pass the time. If you know that you don’t have to languish in anticipation of the start of the event, then it will not be so difficult to leave earlier.

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