23 functional little things for home with AliExpress

1. Handheld vacuum cleaner

All large vacuum cleaners are equipped with attachments for cleaning furniture, curtains and even clothes, but nevertheless, they cannot be called convenient in such delicate work. For such tasks, it is better to use a portable vacuum cleaner. It comes with a pair of attachments and a charging cord.

Price: from 2 534 rubles.


2. Shaver holder

If you are not satisfied that the razor is lonely on a wet shelf, hang it on a convenient holder – and the blades will always remain clean and dry.

Price: 310 rubles.


3. Hanging containers for the refrigerator

Have you ever thought that the space in the refrigerator is not being used rationally? Such organizers will help to fix this. They are not placed on the shelf, but hung under it.

Price: from 204 rubles.


4. Mop holder

It is very unpleasant when the mop suddenly falls (especially when this happens at three in the morning, and you recently watched Astral). Such wall holders will help to avoid such incidents.

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Price: 152 rubles.


5. Measuring spoon

A spoon that determines the weight of the product to the nearest 0,1 gram. Suitable for bulk products and liquids.

Price: 337 rubles.


6. Vacuum sealer

A handy thing that will help you keep food for longer. It works with a special film, but in principle you can also use ordinary plastic bags.

Price: from 1 086 rubles.


7. Lock with fingerprint scanner

Smart lock that opens with a fingerprint. It can last a year on a single charge, so this is clearly not the thing that should be forgotten in the country. But for locking frequently used doors, it is perfect.

Price: from 1 376 rubles.


8. Smart extension cord

Extension cord with four outlets and four USB charging ports. It connects to your home Wi-Fi and can be voice controlled using Google Assistant. Each outlet and USB port can be controlled independently of each other.

Price: from 1 463 rubles.


9. Dryer for sheets and blankets

On conventional dryers, sheets, blankets and blankets dry slowly, as they cannot be hung without folding. And such an item allows you to dry your laundry more efficiently.

Price: 403 rubles.


10. Dishwashing gloves

Just nice gloves made of silicone, in which it is convenient to clean the kitchen, without risking damaging the skin of the hands and ruining the manicure.

Price: 315 rubles.


11. Drain filter

If the sink drain has to be cleaned often, install such a filter on it and forget about blockages.

Price: 109 rubles.


12. Potato slicer

French fries are an extremely tasty dish, but you need to cut the vegetables correctly to prepare them, otherwise some of the pieces will not be fried. This tool makes the task easier. It is enough to put a peeled potato into it (or half of it, if the whole one is too large) and press.

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Price: 627 rubles.


13. Sponge holder

This holder can be mounted both on the wall and in the sink itself, and the dishwashing sponges will always dry properly.

Price: from 303 rubles.


14. Chair covers

A worn chair does not decorate the house, but it is not necessary to overtighten its upholstery. It is much easier to put on such a stylish case.

Price: from 287 rubles.


15. Mop for cleaning windows

Washing windows is an activity that can be not only very nervous, but also dangerous for the inhabitants of the upper floors. A mop with a curved handle will allow you to clean the glass from the outside without sticking out of the window.

Price: 2 rubles.


16. Organizer for packages

Replace the bag with bags with such an organizer, and its contents will be much more convenient to take out.

Price: from 276 rubles.


17. Drawer for router

Your router can simply hang on the wall, annoying household members with flashing lights and protruding wires. Or you can put it in such a nice box, remove excess wires inside and make the interior much more attractive.

Price: from 865 rubles.


18. Toothpaste dispenser and brush holders

This thing will help you position your toothbrushes so they stay clean. In addition, you can order a paste dispenser that can squeeze the tubes dry.

Price: from 229 rubles.


19. Non-tipping mug

If you are already tired of washing the keyboard of tea or coffee, and giving up your favorite drink while working is beyond your strength, buy just such a mug. Firstly, it has a suction cup at the bottom that prevents slipping, so dropping it is not an easy task. Secondly, even if the mug falls, the airtight lid will keep the liquid inside.

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Price: from 1 459 rubles.


20. Brush for cleaning under furniture

No mop or vacuum cleaner can clean the space under the sofa. But this brush can, because it is very thin. Includes 10 cloth attachments, which should be changed as they become dirty.

Price: 330 rubles.


21. Curtain clip

Instead of tying the curtains with all sorts of straps and laces, buy a magnetic clip like this. It is not only comfortable, but also looks stylish.

Price: 174 rubles.


22. Measuring glass

This piece will allow you to measure the weight of liquid and bulk products with an accuracy of one gram. You no longer have to determine anything by eye.

Price: 923 rubles.


23. Kitchen scales

These stainless steel scales also measure to the nearest gram. To do this, you need to move the scales apart and put a container with food on them. There is a special button that allows you to measure the weight of an empty container so that it is not taken into account.

Price: 1 rubles.


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