20 most popular products on AliExpress in the last 3 months

1. Xiaomi Mi TV Stick

The miniature set-top box in the form of a flash drive runs on Android TV 9.0, connects to a TV via HDMI and allows you to run applications and games even on old TVs. Inside the device is a quad-core processor, 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory. The set includes a convenient Bluetooth remote control with a microphone for calling the Google voice assistant.

Price: 2 rubles.


2. Umbrella

The automatic umbrella is equipped with a strong steel frame, which is not afraid of even strong gusts of wind. A cool and useful addition is a strip of reflective material around the edge of the dome. The seller has both regular umbrellas and models with a flashlight built into the handle. There is a delivery from the Russian Federation.

Price: from 2 443 rubles.


3. Fitness tracker Xiaomi Mi Band 5

The gadget with a screen with a diagonal of 1,1 inches is equipped with a heart rate sensor, 11 sports modes, an activity analysis function. There is also a function of remote control of the smartphone camera and control of the menstrual cycle. But the main feature in magnetic charging: the capsule no longer needs to be removed from the strap to recharge.

Price: from 2 324 rubles.


4. Wi‑Fi‑роутер Xiaomi Redmi

Dual-band router with strong signal, six antennas and the ability to connect up to 128 clients at the same time. The total transmission speed can be up to 2 Mbps. Three Gigabit Ethernet ports are provided for connecting wired devices.

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Price: 2 rubles.


5. Polymorphic granules

The granules must be softened in hot water and then shaped to the desired shape. When it cools down, it becomes hard. With it, you can quickly make a handle for a knife, a keychain, and anything else.

Price: from 124 rubles.


6. Quadcopter

Cool drone with a built-in camera that records video in 4K quality at 25 fps. The device is also equipped with a Wi ‑ Fi ‑ module, 5G support, a slot for a TF ‑ memory card, a stabilizer for high quality shooting. And thanks to GPS, the drone automatically lands at the take-off site when there is a lack of charge and can follow the smartphone that is connected to it. The set includes a remote control, the range of which is 1,2 km. On a single charge, the quadcopter flies up to 25 minutes, then recharging is required.

Price: from 10 268 rubles.


7. Reusable notepad

The notebook is sold in A5 (100 pages) and B5 (60 pages) formats. Each contains sheets that can be used up to 500 times. The writing is removed with a damp cloth, erasers or hot air. Recordings can be digitized and stored in the Elfinbook application on a smartphone or uploaded to the cloud storages Dropbox, Google Drive, Onedrive, Yandex.Disk and others. Special handle included.

Price: from 940 rubles.


8. Xiaomi Pinlo blender

The speed of the device is 30 rpm. Thanks to this, the blender can easily cope even with ice and will help you quickly prepare any smoothies and puree anything. The design is completely collapsible.

Price: 3 rubles.


9. Electric typewriter Xiaomi ENCHEN

The clipper is equipped with a powerful battery, one charge of which will last for four months. The device supports 20 ‑ step length adjustment, which allows you to create smooth transitions. The set includes two attachments, a bottle for oil, a charging cable and instructions.

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Price: 1 rubles.


10. Covers for furniture

Soft velor covers with elastic bands will help you transform an old sofa without unnecessary hassle and costs. They are flexible and fit almost any shape of furniture. Nine colors of covers and eight sizes are available to order.

Price: from 1 277 rubles.


11. Furminator

A device for combing pets. Buyers praise the product in reviews and especially note the convenient non-slip handle and removable head with blades. Thanks to the collapsible design, the furminator can be easily cleaned of stuck fur.

Price: 784 rubles.


12. Mini-puzzles

Puzzles with colorful images of famous paintings and more. Packed in an unusual way: the parts are in tubes, and not in the usual boxes. Please note that the puzzles are very small – for ease of assembly, the seller also puts a small pair of tweezers in the package.

Price: 272 rubles.


13. NAS H Hikvision H90 storage

Storage for creating a personal cloud. The gadget is connected to 2,5 ‑ inch HDD and SSD ‑ drives. It works in tandem with a special application for a smartphone, supports connecting multiple users and setting access rights to certain directories for each of them.

Price: 4 rubles.


14. Mittens

Funny kitchen mittens in the form of cat paws, fish, pigs and more. Sold by the piece: if you want a complete set, you will have to order two pot holders at once.

Price: from 292 rubles.


15. Soundbar Xiaomi Redmi TV

Soundbar with two 15W full-range speakers. For connection to modern TVs and mobile devices, there is a Bluetooth 5.0 module, for older technology there are S / PDIF inputs and a 3,5 mm AUX connector. You can control the soundbar using the buttons on the right side. They allow you to switch sources and manually adjust the volume. The panel can be placed on a cabinet or mounted on a wall.

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Price: from 3 578 rubles.


16. Haylou LS02 smart watch

The watch is equipped with a 1,4 ‑ inch screen with a resolution of 320 × 320 pixels, a heart rate monitor, 12 training modes and sleep monitoring. To connect to a smartphone, Bluetooth 5.0 is used, both Android and iOS devices are supported. The watch allows you to change the dials, is able to control the player on the phone, and also shows notifications about messages and calls and reminds you to move around. Autonomy at average load – about 20 days. The capsule body is protected according to the IP68 standard. There is a delivery from Russia.

Price: 1 961 rubles.


17. Robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mijia G1

Home assistant with wet and dry cleaning and voice control. It is possible to plan a route and set the cleaning time. The intensity of washing and the power of suction can be adjusted separately. The cabinet height is only 8,2 cm, which means that it will also be clean under the furniture.

Price: 11 rubles.


18. Xiaomi pens

Fine refill gel pens are sold one at a time and in sets of 2 to 10 each. Available in black and red ink models.

Price: from 115 rubles.


19. Sewer insert

Due to the flattened shape, the silicone insert completely seals the pipe passage. At the same time, it easily opens up from the flow of water, and then immediately collapses, thereby saving the apartment from an unpleasant smell and the entry of cockroaches and other insects.

Price: 298 rubles.


20. Belt bag

Bag with adjustable shoulder strap, quality zippers, headphone jack and two compartments. Made of waterproof material. There are nine colors to choose from.

Price: from 614 rubles.


Please note: prices are valid at the time of publication of the article. Stores can update the cost of goods throughout the day.

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