15 best equalizers for Windows 10

1. Realtek HD Audio Manager

  • Audience: all users.
  • Price: free.
  • Number of bands: 10.

Realtek sound cards are available in many computer models. Usually, along with the drivers for these audio cards, Realtek HD Audio Manager is also installed – a simple and affordable equalizer. Also, PC manufacturers can provide this program in their own shell.

No special knowledge is required to customize the sound in Realtek HD Audio Manager. You can not only set the ratio of high, mid and low frequencies, but also enable noise and echo cancellation functions, work with multi-stream playback, simulate various sound atmospheres – from the street to an empty room.

Of course, this application is not suitable for professional audio work. But it copes with basic tasks successfully.

Realtek HD Audio Manager →

2. Equalizer APO

  • Audience: amateurs, professionals.
  • Price: free.
  • Number of bands: 15 or 31.

Probably the best equalizer for Windows 10. This open source project lets you fine-tune the sound settings of your system – and get a new perspective on your favorite tracks.

Equalizer APO lets you create different acoustic profiles and apply them as needed. The application consumes few resources, so it is comfortable to work with it even on weak PCs.

Equalizer APO’s simple logical interface will allow even a beginner to quickly figure it out. The location of the modules on the screen can be customized or you can use ready-made shells created by enthusiasts. In addition, Equalizer APO has the ability to measure sound parameters and see them in graphs, as well as create your own filters and use VST plugins.

Equalizer APO →

3. PC equalizer

  • Audience: amateurs.
  • Price: free.
  • Number of bands: 10–20.

Equalizer with an intuitive interface, in which there is nothing superfluous. It is focused on working with static frequencies and allows you to filter sound in real time.

PC Equalizer has built-in presets for a variety of tasks and music genres. Effects such as echo, delay or reverb are also supported.

You can create your own configurations as well as link them to different players. This is convenient if you, for example, listen to music in good old Winamp, use Windows Media Player for movies, and VLC Player for subtitled TV shows.

PC equalizer →

4. Viper4Windows

  • Audience: amateurs.
  • Price: free.
  • Number of bands: 18.

Simple, logical, but powerful enough equalizer, which was developed by Chinese enthusiast and musician Aifi Wong.

Viper4Windows supports reverb mode. There is also a built-in audio signal compressor – it allows you to compress the dynamic range of a composition, reduce the difference between the quietest and the loudest sound of a track, and even out its sound.

Among the disadvantages of Viper4Windows is the interface: it is clear, but not very user-friendly. But in general, the equalizer deserves attention and helps to quickly and accurately adjust the sound on the PC. True, some users have difficulties with the installation.

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Viper4Windows →

5. Breakaway Audio Enhancer

  • Audience: professionals.
  • Price: $ 29,95 with a 30-day free trial.
  • Number of bands: not defined (works through ready-made presets).

Professional equalizer that supports real-time digital remastering. It emulates a sound card with a wide range of features in the system. On weak PCs, resource consumption will be noticeable, however, the output you will get is a very rich and interesting sound.

Breakaway Audio Enhancer has a lot of presets out of the box that allow you to simulate various acoustic images. Supports automatic speaker volume control and spectral balancing.

The program is based on a modern dynamic processor. It features 4 to 7 bands, is capable of cuts thousands of times per second, intelligently boosts low levels, and controls high volume sounds in real time. The program has only one drawback: you won’t be able to manually adjust the stripes.

Breakaway Audio Enhancer →

6. FXSound 2

  • Audience: amateurs.
  • Price: Free 1 hour per day, unlimited – from $ 9,99 per year.
  • Number of bands: 10.

Concise equalizer with a nice interface. Allows you to customize sound and apply configurations not only for players, but also for browsers, games and other applications. Thus, you can listen to music at a new quality level and achieve complete immersion in the gameplay.

FXSound 2 has presets for all occasions, as well as ready-made tuned modes, for example, for headphones. The efficiency of the program’s algorithms is higher than that of analogs – especially in terms of bass processing.

In development – professional version. It promises a new visualization system, support for up to 20 bands, the ability to manually adjust effects and save presets.

FXSound 2 →

7. Pushtec EQ VST

  • Audience: professionals.
  • Price: free.
  • Number of bands: 6.

Equalizer with original analog interface. Despite the seeming simplicity, this program is appreciated by professionals. After all, it helps to make the sound just magical.

The EQ switches smoothly change position, so they can be adjusted quite finely. Invert the desired parameter in one click – this often speeds up the work.

Out of the ordinary here is a set of effects. For example, there is a radio address mode: your voice or track will sound as if you are listening to it in the radio speakers.

Pushtec EQ VST →

8. Voxengo Marvel GEQ

  • Audience: professionals.
  • Price: free.
  • Number of bands: 16.

Powerful equalizer with great creative possibilities. Allows you to customize the sound of each track within a track or entire file, as well as quickly compare the results with different settings. Channels can be changed by grouping them – this will be appreciated by professionals who work with tracks from dozens of tracks.

Voxengo Marvel GEQ supports all sample rates, 64-bit signal, multi-channel stereos. It allows you to work with channel routing, perform linear-phase filtering and flexibly adjust the sound in 5.1 format.

The compensated processing latency is only 9ms. Also note the ease of customization of the interface, support for various color schemes and compatibility with a wide range of audio editors.

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Voxengo Marvel GEQ →

9. Razer Surround

  • Audience: gamers.
  • Price: Free, but requires a code from the box for the Razer Kraken X or Razer Kraken headphones.
  • Number of bands: 8.

Equalizer for simulating surround sound in headphones. It was designed specifically for gamers who use Razer headsets. To use, you need the code from the box with the headset – or, if there was no activation code on it, register the gadget on the RazerID website.

The program does a great job with 7.1 sound and provides a complete immersion in the game. It does not require a lot of setup and special knowledge. As a result, you get precise positioning of the sound in the game and you can hear both teammates and opponents extremely clearly.

Razer Surround →

10. atm reassuring

  • Audience: professionals.
  • Price: from 89 dollars.
  • Number of bands: 6.

An interesting equalizer that is especially good for processing low frequencies – bass tracks, kick drum (drum) and more. Works clean, allows you to quickly adjust all the desired sound parameters, includes accurate high and low pass filters.

Unlike traditional equalizers such as bilinear based software, this option does not distort the sound curve or add unwanted coloration to the sound. According to the developers, the original aom tranQuilizr algorithms provide truly transparent sound.

The program supports automatic gain compensation and multichannel systems, includes graphical and linear dual spectrum analyzers. The output is great sound, clear and rich. The interface of the equalizer is very clear: all the necessary tools are at hand, and the color curve helps to better perceive the changes made.

aom tranquill →

11. FabFilter Pro Q3

  • Audience: professionals.
  • Price: From $ 379, there is a free trial for 30 days.
  • Number of bands: 24.

The Surgical Equalizer is the most expensive in the collection. It is suitable for professional track mastering and includes unique filters that can be applied immediately or minimally tweaked depending on your needs.

Equalizer allows you to set different curves for different frequencies. Zero latency provides maximum transparency and accuracy, but you can switch to linear phase mode with an adjustable delay.

You will also find a real-time frequency analyzer here. And you can create new frequency ranges for tuning by simply dragging the curve.

FabFilter Pro Q3 →

12. SLY‑Fi Axis EQ

  • Audience: professionals.
  • Price: $ 99 per software purchase or from $ 12 per month for a subscription, there is a free trial with no time limits for non-commercial use.
  • Number of bands: 8.

Good EQ for synthesizer, bass and vocals. True, there are no high and low pass filters, but the SLY ‑ Fi Axis EQ adds interesting saturation, and the sound becomes richer and warmer.

The program was created on the basis of the original hardware equalizer, released 45 years ago, and has already acquired its own capabilities. For example, a saturation regulator was added here to overload the tuned op amp. The result is a very rich distortion and fat, very characteristic sound of the legendary Sly-Fi!

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In addition to the stepwise change of parameters, there is also a UBK mode. In it, all the frequency and gain controls can be adjusted more precisely.

SLY‑Fi Axis EQ →

13. Clariphonic DSP MKii

  • Audience: professionals.
  • Price: $ 199, with a 10-day free trial.
  • Number of bands: not defined.

A simple-looking equalizer, but in fact it processes vocals and instruments with exceptional quality, for which you need to add transparency to the high frequencies. Helps create clean mixes and individual tracks that will become part of a complex composition.

The program will allow you to very accurately convey the spirit of soft and expressive analog sound. The interface is unusual – it was copied from the hardware equalizer of the same name.

In general, Clariphonic DSP MKii rather complements the set of software for professional work with sound: you are unlikely to be able to complete all mastering tasks with its help. But the way he works with the voice and guitar parts deserves the attention of professional sound engineers.

Clariphonic DSP MKii →

14. iZotope Ozone 9

  • Audience: professionals.
  • Price: From $ 129, there is a free trial for 10 days.
  • Number of bands: flexibly configurable.

Equalizer with analog and digital modes for professional mastering. Provides clear sound with virtually no distortion. Convenient for group processing of tracks, removing hum, splitting instruments in a mix in real time.

IZotope Ozone 9 uses artificial intelligence technologies to process sound. Master Assistant mode lets you create a modern or vintage ambiance in your tracks, as well as provide just the right volume for audio streaming.

In iZotope Ozone 9, you can work in parallel with various files, use VST- and AU-plugins. Use the equalizer by itself or as a plug-in for audio editors.

The program also supports comprehensive sound analysis. In it, you can see a 3D spectrogram or stereophonic sound field, view the history of loudness, use a spectrum analyzer and other professional tools.

iZotope Ozone 9 →

15. BX Digital V3

  • Audience: professionals.
  • Price: $ 299, with a 14-day free trial.
  • Number of bands: 11.

Perhaps the most professional version in the collection. The number of adjustments and “twists” makes the eyes run up, and even specialists sometimes find it difficult to figure it out the first time. But on the other hand, this equalizer really allows you to do almost anything with the sound and works with frequencies up to 40 kHz.

In the latest version, the dynamic equalizer has been updated, new Q-filters have been added, as well as six notch filters (three per channel). As a result, you can work with sound with surgical precision, create professional mixes, enhance soundtracks for films and post-production.

There are two separate workspaces available in the equalizer – for mixing and mastering. Sound visualization tools allow you to independently pan the middle and side channels of the track, expand the stereo picture, swap the left and right channels.

Ultra-transparent filters practically do not distort the sound. They minimize phase shift and frequency masking to provide clearer and more focused mixes and master tracks.

BX Digital V3 →

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