12 macOS Preview features that will definitely come in handy

1. Converting files

Do you need to transfer a file from one format to another? There is no need to select web services or install applications for this purpose. Just open a picture or document in Preview, click File → Export, select the format and quality you want, and click Save.

2. Group photo editing

With the “View” you can open several pictures at the same time. To do this, select them in Finder, double-click, and the photos will appear in the sidebar. Select them all, then make changes to one file (for example, edit its size), and they will be reflected in other images.

If you click “File” → “Export” when you have selected several pictures on the “View” sidebar, they will be converted in bulk. And if you click “View” → “Slide Show”, it will start showing the photos you have opened in full screen mode.

3. Save from clipboard

In any browser, office editor or other application, right-click on the picture and click “Copy Image”. Then in the “Preview” click “File” → “New from clipboard”, and the copied picture will be pasted into the newly created file.

In the same way, you can select a part of the image in the “Preview”, copy it, then press Cmd + N, and only the selected fragment will be transferred to a separate file.

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4. Opening Photoshop and Illustrator files

The number of formats that Preview understands is impressive. In addition to common images like PNG, JPEG, BMP, RAW and GIF, it also opens PDF documents. But the list is not limited to this either. The Preview is so cool it can even display PSD or AI files without Photoshop and Illustrator. So you don’t need to download and install these hulking monsters.

5. Signature of documents

Sometimes we need to sign a document and send it to someone. Printing and re-scanning is pretty silly. Better to use the “View”. Open the PDF, click on the markup tools icon (looks like a pen in a circle), then click the Sign button.

You have two options – either write your autograph on the trackpad, or sign on a piece of paper and show it to the camera. Then save your signature for future reference to insert it into new documents in just a couple of clicks.

6. Saving individual pages or frames

When you open a PDF document in Preview, its pages appear in the sidebar. In the case of GIF animation, its individual frames will be located there. Right-click the desired page or frame and click “Export as …”, select a format and save – this way you can extract only the necessary pages from long documents.

7. Move and delete PDF pages

Open the PDF document in Viewer and click View → Overview Sheet. Grab and drag the desired page wherever you want to change the order of the sheets. And if you select extra pages and press the Delete key, they will be deleted. Similarly, you can drag and drop pages in the Preview sidebar.

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8. Combine and Split PDF

Preview allows you to copy pages from one PDF document to another. To do this, open both of them and simply drag the desired pages from the sidebar into a new document. Or you can select the ones you want and then transfer them all at once. If you drag the pages directly to the desktop, a new PDF is created from them.

9. Enlarging fragments

Sometimes, instead of enclosing an element with a red oval, it is better to enlarge it. Open “Tools” → “Add Markup” → “Magnifier”, select the desired part of the picture. Move the green circle to enlarge the desired objects in the photo. If you did something wrong and want to fix it, just press Cmd + Z to undo the previous action.

10. Document protection

If the PDF file contains confidential information and you want only you to be able to read it, click “File” → “Export as PDF” → “More”. Activate the “Encrypt” checkbox and create a password.

In addition, you can click on the file name in the title bar and activate the “Set protection” checkbox. Then only you will make changes to the document. The people you send the copy to will only be able to view it.

11. Smart selection

“View” also supports the so-called “Smart Selection”. Click on the magic wand – the second icon from the left in the panel. Click and drag the mouse over the picture, and solid areas will be highlighted. This trick is convenient to use, for example, to remove the background from objects. Select the entire background around the object with a magic wand, press Edit → Invert Selection. Cut out the object and copy it into a new file without the background.

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12. Version recovery

Click File → Revert to Version → View All Versions. Select one of the previous versions of your picture or PDF document and click “Recover”. Useful if you screwed up your editing and want to get everything back.

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