10 extensions for Yandex Browser that are useful to everyone

Having opened the “Add-ons” section in the “Yandex Browser” settings, you will see several extensions from the “Yandex” team and other developers. You can enable available addons and configure them directly from this menu.

But where to find the rest of the extensions? Yandex does not have its own catalog. But the browser supports third-party sources. All extensions listed in this article can be downloaded and installed from the Opera and Chrome web stores.

1. Save to Pocket

If you come across an interesting article but don’t have time to read it right away, just add the text to Pocket. One click to save – and you can return to it at any suitable moment.

Pocket stores added articles in the cloud and makes them available on any user’s device. In addition, the service removes advertisements and unnecessary layout elements from publications.

Pocket can also be installed through the “Add-ons” menu in the “Yandex Browser” settings.

2. LastPass

LastPass eliminates the need to remember your login information. The service remembers logins and passwords for you and stores them in a protected form on the server. What’s more, LastPass automatically enters passwords when needed.

You can change browsers and devices – the necessary data will always be at hand thanks to synchronization. You only need to remember your LastPass password.

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LastPass can also be installed through the Add-ons menu in the Yandex Browser settings.

3. Lightshot

With Lightshot, you can quickly take pictures of a selected area of ​​the screen. It is enough to click on the extension button and select the desired fragment. Lightshot then lets you edit the screenshot: add lines, highlights, text, or paint over the image. Then you can save the snapshot to your computer, send it to others, or save it to the cloud.

Lightshot can also be installed through the Add-ons menu in the Yandex Browser settings.

4. Adblock

The most popular browser ad blocker extension. AdBlock fights annoying ads and scripts that monitor your online activity.

In this case, in the settings, you can turn off all ads or leave only unobtrusive ads. You can also set up a whitelist of sites if you want the extension not to target them and allow content authors to earn money from ads.

5. Dark Reader

Dark Reader helps reduce eye strain at night. The extension works simply: it replaces light elements of web pages with dark ones. Thus, the browser switches to night mode.

You can use the standard color replacement scheme or customize your own. In addition, Dark Reader is able to enable night mode only on selected sites.

6. OneTab

When there are many open tabs in the browser, their names no longer fit on the screen. You have to go through them one by one to find the extra tabs and close them, leaving the necessary ones. If you find yourself in this situation often, try the OneTab extension. It closes all tabs at once and visually displays their list, from where you can quickly restore only the sites that are currently needed.

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In addition, you can add tabs to special groups and in the future open them all at once or one at a time. For example, you can save a group of work site tabs and quickly restore them when you bring your laptop to the office.

7. Browsec VPN

Browsec is a popular VPN bypass service. You don’t need to configure anything to work with it. Just activate the extension, choose a server and enjoy a free internet without borders.

Browsec can only run VPNs for selected sites, and in free mode beats many competitors in terms of speed. But if you want the extension to work even faster, you can subscribe – from $ 3,33 per month.

8. Skyload

The ultimate extension for downloading music and videos from various Internet sites: VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, YouTube, Yandex.Music and more. You can download files on the open page one by one, all at once or in groups, marking only the songs or videos you need. Skyload allows you to choose the quality of your video files, and it also saves tags, titles, and song covers.

9. Checker Plus for Gmail

If you actively use the popular Gmail email service, be sure to try this extension. Checker Plus notifies you of the receipt of new letters and allows you to open them or mark them as read without switching to a new tab.

10. OneNote Web Clipper

This extension from Microsoft will help you save all the important information that you find on the web in your OneNote cloud notebook. Web Clipper allows you to quickly copy links, images, selected sections of pages or their text content and save all of this as separate notes. You can access the content you’ve added online or in OneNote apps on any device.

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